Gabriel Arteaga

Hello. My name is Gabriel Arteaga and I'm a front-end engineer living in the greater Los Angeles area.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and I've been doing web development since 2015. Nowadays, I mostly do front-end development and prefer to work with React or Vue. My current preferred front-end stack is TypeScript, React, Next.js, and Styled Components.


  • Adobe Creativity Tour
    • Contest site featuring Creative Suite products built with Next.js, React, CSS modules, and TypeScript.
  • Bungie Careers
    • Job board made with Greenhouse API, Contentful, React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Styled Components
  • Fashion Nova
    • Shopify theme development, 3rd party API integrations, custom app integrations
  • Swapcoins
    • Non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange built with React and Styled Components
  • Twitch Rivals
    • Implemented Twitch's Helix API using PHP
  • Fashion Nova Blog
    • Built with Contentful as the CMS and TypeScript/React/Next.js/Styled Components as the front-end stack.
  • PUBG Pick 'Em Challenge
    • Landing page for PUBG built in Vue with localization for 20 languages
  • Dark Alliance
    • Game website built in Vue/Nuxt.js for Dungeons and Dragons co-op RPG
  • Zther Interactive
    • Interactive agency website built with Gatsby, React, and Styled Components
  • Hathway
    • Digital design agency website built with React and Styled Components
  • Moshpit Digital
    • Agency website built with Gatsby, React, Styled Components, and WordPress.
  • Urbane Scrubs
    • Static site handoff built with Gulp, Sass, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  • Onzie
    • Shopify theme built for women's activewear, yoga, and workout apparel brand
  • PLAY
    • Design agency WordPress Theme
  • Laker's Nation
    • WordPress theme customization and partner/advertiser integration
  • DPG at Law
    • Law firm WordPress theme
  • Yosemite Foods
    • Meat company WordPress theme
  • SnapNrack
    • Solar company WordPress theme